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Merger of Practice Beacon with Exmoor Surgery

Friday, 23 October 2020

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Further to recent updates that we have been making regarding the proposed merger of our practice Exmoor Sugery with another local practice, we are writing to inform you that the proposal to merge the practices has been approved.

The date for the merger will be 18th November 2020

The Practice Beacon and Exmoor Surgery have a longstanding working relationship with each other as neighbouring practices. For example, the surgeries are one another’s ‘buddies’ for contingency planning. A merger of both practices is the natural next steps for the surgeries and the one that will most benefit our patients and the local community.

Over the past several years, demands on general practice has increased in terms of workload and the complexity of work, making it more difficult to recruit or retain clinicians. It is well documented that smaller GP practices are more impacted by increased demand than larger practices.

The proposed merger will help to reduce the pressures on the smaller GP practices by sharing resources, knowledge and skills as one bigger practice.

Patients currently registered with Exmoor Surgery do not have to do anything, we however do kindly request that you bear with us during the period both leading up to and following the merger as there will inevitably be a period of settling in and adjust taking place.


We will be updating you further in due course.


Thank you

The Exmoor Surgery Team