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Proposed Merger of a Merger between Exmoor Surgery and The Beacon Practice

Friday, 24 July 2020

 Your views – a proposal for Exmoor Surgery to merge with The Practice Beacon

We would like to hear your thoughts on our proposal to merge our practice with our neighbouring practice, The Practice Beacon.

The Practice Beacon and Exmoor Surgery will be applying to North West London Clinical Commissioning Group to merge into one practice to ensure their future ability to deliver high quality and safe primary health care to their patients.

The two practices feel a merged practice would offer improved access and choice for patients and that they would be better placed to deliver a long-term service working together as a single larger practice rather than two smaller ones.

Please click here to complete the Survey and show your opinion regarding the proposed merger, Please once filled return to the practice asap. Exmoor patient survey

Our letter sent to all patients informing you of the proposed Merger also invites you to the 2 Webinars we are having where we will discuss the merger and what it will entail and also give you a chance to ask any questions should you have them.  Exmoor patient letter